Photo: Coyote in Batavia, IL. Photo by Steve Krave

Wild Illinois

Illinois, the Prairie State, has lost much of its original natural character and biodiversity over nearly two centuries. Urbanization, large-scale agriculture, and resource extraction have taken their toll on the wetlands, prairies, and forests that made up our State when it was founded in 1818.

Not all of this tremendous natural heritage is lost - in fact, far from it. From the Lake Michigan shoreline to the rich prairie and savannah grass lands, bottomland forests and critical wetlands, remnants of this natural legacy remain today.

Sierra Club's Wild Illinois Campaign is focused on permanently protecting our last remaining natural areas, working to restore the health and vitality of natural areas already in public ownership, and helping Illinoisans from all walks of life to learn about and experience first-hand the natural beauty and wonder of Illinois.

We work for an Illinois with wildlife populations that are recovering, not receding. An Illinois with healthy examples of our natural heritage that are accessible to all of our communities. An Illinois that offers kids, today and in the future, the chance to play, explore, and learn outside in nature instead of in front of a TV or computer screen.

Currently we're focused on these goals for protecting and restoring wild places in Illinois:
    Shawnee National Forest Campaign
    Fighting for A Strong, Professional Illinois Department of Natural Resources
    Protecting National Wildlife Refuges in Illinois
    Restoring Healthy Habitats in Our Public Lands

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