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UPCOMING EVENT:  Please join us for an afternoon of education about wind and wildlife.  A distinguished panel of wind and wildlife specialists will present their views on the impacts of onshore and offshore wind production.  The event will take place on Saturday, November 8th from 2:30 to 4:30 pm at The Chicago Public Library, Uptown Branch (929 W. Buena Ave).  Space is limited.  Please RSVP to Christine Williamson at


Lands Wildlife Habitat Team, a new conservation advocacy team of the Sierra Club Chicago Chapter, works passionately on terrestrial issues with a focus on wildlife and habitat conservation.  We understand the importance of biodiversity and strive to protect, promote and educate for the future of our natural world.  Several key issues include:

Protecting Apex Predators in Illinois

Apex Predators are pinnacle for a healthy ecosystem, and we welcome them back to our state where they belong.  There are currently two predator bills in the Illinois General Assembly, and our legislators play an important part in the proper reintroduction of these animals.  Please contact your elected official for their wildlife support:


  • House Bill 4226 (oppose) - Amends the wildlife code.  Permits bobcat hunting in the State.

  • Senate Bill 3049 (support) - Adds Gray wolf, American black bear and cougar to the list of protected species under the Act.  **update - Bill 3049 approved and takes effect Jan 1, 2015!


Endangered Species Protection

Endangered Species are at risk for immediate extinction and need our help.  There are thousands of endangered or threatened animals and birds in the United States, with the primary factors including: Habitat damage, disease or predation of the species, and natural or manmade hazards to the continued life of the species.  Get to know our endangered species at the state and federal level, and enhance your knowledge of the issues by receiving endangered-species-fact-a-day:

Illinois Endangered Species Page:

US Fish & Wildlife Services Endangered Species Page:




Local News Articles & References

Chicago Nature & Wildlife Plan & Update

US Fish & Wildlife Services Chicago Ecological Field Office

Chicago Landscape & Birds


Our monthly meetings fall on the second Tuesday of each month.  For more information about the Lands Wildlife Habitat Team and to join our monthly meetings, please contact Tom Schlipmann at