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Chicago Group Political Action Team

Mission Statement: Sierra Chicago Group Political Action Committee works to elect environmental champions to local, state and federal office.

The quality and commitment of our elected leaders makes a big difference in our ability to address climate change, safeguard water resources and protect special wild places. Volunteers ask the tough questions of candidates, research their records and for candidates who meet our standards, make an endorsement. After we make an endorsement, we help those candidates win their races.

Currently, volunteers are needed to help with campaigning for state office races. Fundraising for Sierra Club's Political Action Committee to help endorsed candidates win their races also is needed.

Longer term, volunteers are needed to help with election endorsements for the next Chicago City Council elections.  
Sierra Chicago Group's volunteer leaders are the backbone of our electoral efforts.

The next meeting of the Political Committee is Wednesday, February 26 at 6:00 p.m.

For more information
Please contact Tony Fuller at or 773/426-8568.