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Our Chapter and Local Groups

About the Illinois Chapter

The Illinois Chapter began as the Great Lakes Chapter around 1959. As the organization grew and new chapters developed in surrounding states, the name was changed to the Illinois Chapter. It is now one of 68 Chapters that comprise the Sierra Club.

Each Chapter is further broken into local Groups run entirely by volunteers within their communities. In Illinois we have 15 local Groups. The Illinois Chapter encompasses the entire state of Illinois and a small portion of Iowa around the Quad Cities. The Chapter is governed by an Executive Committee made up of volunteer leaders from across the state. The Executive Committee helps set statewide priorities and provides direction for the staff.Ý

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the governing body of the Illinois Chapter. It is comprised of one individual from the 15 local Sierra Club Group and an additional nine members elected statewide from the general membership. The ExCom is responsible for the governance of the Illinois Chapter.

Meetings are held every other month in a different location. All meetings are open to the general membership of the Sierra Club. The Chapter chair may be contacted at chair@illinois.sierraclub.org.

The ExCom selects a delegate to represent the Chapter at the Club's Council of Leaders. The Council Delegate may be contacted at councildel@illinois.sierraclub.org.


What Group Am I In?

Blackhawk (Rockford)


Eagleview (Moline)

Heart of Illinois (Peoria)

Kaskaskia (Belleville)

Northwest Cook

Piasa Palisades (Alton)

Prairie (Urbana)

River Prairie (Glen Ellyn)

Sangamon Valley (Springfield)

Sauk-Calumet (Park Forest)

Shawnee (Carbondale)

Valley of the Fox (Geneva)

Woods and Wetlands (NE IL)


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